"If you are a simple system and we give you a push, you bounce away. If you are a complex atomism, you may still bounce away but three weeks later you continue to wonder why we did it." -Arthur Iberall  

The Arthur S. Iberall Distinguished Annual Lecture Series has been established at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, in collaboration with the Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action (CESPA) and the International Society for Ecological Psychology (ISEP). Every year, a scientist is chosen who has explored connections between physical processes and their manifestations in nature, life, humankind, mind, and society. The lecture is published in the journal Ecological Psychology.




2003-Life and the Sciences of Complexity by F. Eugene Yates


2004-Fractal Lessons of the Heart by James Bassingthwaighte


2005-Understanding the Mind by J. Scott Kelso


2006-Dissecting Coordination Dynamics by Peter J. Beek


2007-A Study in Semantic Modeling by Peter N. Kugler


2008-Social Physics: Networks and Causal Chains by Douglas White


2009-Great Ideas Before Their Time: Iberall’s Homeokinetics and Webb’s Mechanical Counterpressure Revolutionize Performance on Earth and Mars by Dava Newman


2010-Thermodynamics in the 21st Century (Implications for Physical Intelligence) by Dilip Kondepudi


2011-Biology by Design: From Vibrating Insoles to Synthetic Gene Networks by James Collins