A Course of Study


“The department of history needs to concert with the departments of biology, sociology and psychology some common formula...and this figure must be brought into accord with the figures or formulas used by the department of physics.”   - Henry Adams (1838-1918) A Letter to American Teachers of History (1910)


In order to use homeokinetics principles to study a particular complex system (e.g., a galaxy, a political system, etc), at least two scientists are needed; one who is versed in physics and irreversible thermodynamics; the other who is trained in that specialty (what Iberall called the "flatland" science). As a physicist working with flatland scientists, Iberall realized that his colleagues needed to have some understanding of physics principles. Therefore, he began writing a course of study with various general and specific applications.
Iberall's papers in his course of study have been edited and collected into a forthcoming book entitled Homeokinetics: The Basics. Its table of contents is as follows:
What is Homeokinetics?
The Birth of Homeokinetics
Lesson 1: Overview of Homeokinetics
Lesson 2: One Science - Physics
Lesson 3: Thermodynamics
Lesson 4: Physics of Complex Systems
Lesson 5: Principles and Applications
Lesson 6: Primer on Homeokinetics


If you are a flatland scientist, lessons 1-4 provide the basic principles of physics and complex systems. Lessons 5-6 provide the basics of a homeokinetics approach to complex systems. After reading this book and these lessons, you can go to the Papers and Books on Homeokinetics for further reading.
Homeokinetics: The Basics can be purchased by inquiring at theaiberall@yahoo.com. It will be published in early 2016.
Iberallian Thoughts on Various Subjects