The Physics of Complex Systems

Some recent publications (1985 - present)

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Iberall, A. and Hassler, F. A Quantitative model for the operation of a social system - USA past and future, in preparation.

Iberall, A., A physics for the evolution of life and mind - On the genesis of command-control in the living organism, in preparation.

Iberall, A., Wilkinson, D. On understanding language and its origins, International Soc. Compar. Study of Civilization, in review.

Iberall, A. What makes Sammy-Samantha and other mammals run?, in review.

Iberall, A. A physical (homeokinetic) foundation for the Gibsonian theory of perception and action, Ecolog. Psychol. 7(1): 37-68, 1995.

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Iberall, A. Letter and response "Complexity Study: An alternative history", Physics Today, February, 1994.

Iberall, A. Wilkinson, D. Reply to Hord, Comparative Civilizations Review

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From (F. Yates, Ed.) Self-Organizing Systems: The Emergence of Order. New York: Plenum Press, 1987.

Soodak, H. Origins: Galaxies, Stars, Life.
Iberall, A. On rivers.
Soodak, H., Iberall, A. Thermodynamics and complex systems.
Iberall, A., Soodak, H. A physics for complex systems.
Iberall, A. A physics for study of civilizations.

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Iberall, A: Outlining social physics for modern societies - locating culture, economics, and politics: The Enlightenment reconsidered. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 82: 5582, 1985.

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